Hi, my daughter  (Rachael) and myself (June) have been training dogs at classes for about 10 years and before that we puppy walked for the guide dogs and trianed dogs for re-homing. We also competed in Agility and Flyball with our own dogs but now concentrate on competative obedience.

While we have been involved in training our and other peoples dogs we have gained a great deal of experiance with differant types of dogs, rescue dogs and dogs with specific problems.  We came to realise that many of the problems we were seeing in adult dogs could have been avoided if training had been started early in the dogs life.                        This is why we started our training classes, especially for the puppies, in the hope of stopping bad behaviour before it starts. We hope to help you make your dogs into well-behaved, happy pets who are a pleasure to own.

We have a number of dogs ourselves mainly Collies and Goldies with a good sprinkling of  rescue dogs (we have a soft spot for them!!)  Alongside the dogs we have a number of cats, rabbits, sheep, chickens, ponies, geese, rheas, alpacas ………..well most anything that needs a refuge!!

June and Rachael Young